Album cover


Frigid Stars LP

Available on vinyl for the first time in more than 20 years, Frigid Stars LP is New York slowcore pioneer Codeine’s 1990 debut album, faithfully restored from original master tapes and featuring ten bonus tracks. Packaged as a 2LP (plus a CD archive of all the music) Frigid Stars LP gets Numero’s notoriously elaborate treatment including in-depth liner notes and scads of unpublished photos, plus a necessary clutch of unreleased songs, demos, and acoustic takes.

  • 2xLP+CD

    2 150g LP
    1 2-pocket gatefold direct-to-board LP jacket with CD pocket
    1 16-page 11" x 11" saddle-stitched LP book
    1 CD

Track List

  1. Codeine D
  2. Codeine Gravel Bed
  3. Codeine Pick Up Song
  4. Codeine 3 Angels
  5. Codeine New Year's
  6. Codeine Second Chance
  7. Codeine Cave-In
  8. Codeine Cigarette Machine
  9. Codeine Old Things
  10. Codeine Pea
  11. Codeine Castle (SOS Demo)
  12. Codeine Skeletons (SOS Demo)
  13. Codeine Three Angels (SOS Demo)
  14. Codeine Corner Store (SOS Demo)
  15. Codeine Summer Dresses (SOS Demo)
  16. Codeine Pea (Acoustic)
  17. Codeine Second Chance (Demo)
  18. Codeine Pickup Song (Demo)
  19. Codeine Cave-In (Demo)
  20. Codeine Kitchen (Demo)