Album cover

David Baxter

Goodbye Dave

Known in certain circles as a heralded psychedelic masterpiece, and in others as a confusing paranoid sonic journey, 1970’s Goodbye Dave is one bad trip. The musical component of the record was written and performed by Andwella’s David Lewis, the rest of it features Baxter babbling semi-coherently. Between the shrieks, the bells, the birds, and the paranoia, there is a psychedelic prog ambiance that gives shape to the quietness between Baxter’s poetic explorations. Tracks like “Doors” actually have the full Andwella band riffing rhythmically behind his nervous, confused musings. For the heads only.

Track List

  1. David Baxter Notes
  2. David Baxter Doors
  3. David Baxter Looking For It
  4. David Baxter Rubbish
  5. David Baxter Tibet
  6. David Baxter My Mind
  7. David Baxter Roger McKlintock
  8. David Baxter Euphoric Daydream
  9. David Baxter Microdot
  10. David Baxter Poem
  11. David Baxter Sound Barrier
  12. David Baxter Beryl