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David Naegele


A mellow, vision inducing sleeping pill for your mind as you count sheep. Pastorale synths float whimsically down the stream in this collaborative effort between David Naegele & David Storrs. The former was migrating away from the company to focus on his computerized horoscope business, which he claims was the first of its kind. He’d head to Storr’s house every day after work to unwind and “headspace out” with his ARP Rhodes Chroma synthesizer, selecting his favorite tones as he conceptualized the theme of each piece. When he came back the next evening, Storrs “would often have everything pretty well done.” The two worked in this rhythm for much of their tenure at the Valley of the Sun label – a gentle idealist & an experimental sonic researcher formulating a celestial-scientific approach to their explorations in sound.

Track List

  1. David Naegele Dreamscapes I
  2. David Naegele Dreamscapes II