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David Naegele

Temple in the Forest

Recorded in the same hurried session as 1982’s Skybirds, classically trained pianist David Naegel’s gentle keyboard fantasies take the listener on a tranquil stroll over the river and through the woods to a secluded Temple in the Forest. The cassette would become one of the best selling titles for Valley of the Sun and crystalize Naegele’s place as an ambient champion in the pantheon of exalted new age pioneers. Electric and acoustic grand piano patiently interlace with sublime synth-drones and the sounds of nature in this single-take, stream of conscious improvisation. Close your eyes and imagine pockets of light beaming through the leaves as you wander along to the sounds of peace itself. Observe your material body entering a sacred hidden shrine in this lush green environment—now carry this feeling back into your conscious life and call on it whenever you need to cool your mood.

Track List

  1. David Naegele Temple In The Forest
  2. David Naegele Eternal Sanctuary