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Dianne Mower

The Secret Sign

A jazz-funk reading on Aldous Huxley’s The Doors Of Perception, Dianne Mower’s “The Secret Sign” is a mescaline-free roadmap to enlightenment. A member of Hartford, Connecticut’s long-running swinging vocal quintet Jasmine, Mower spent the bulk of the ’70s running New England’s seafood jazz circuit before the group’s keyboardist Kent Hewitt convinced her to take a solo shot down field on 45 in 1980. “The secrets of life must be gained by searching, self-analysis, perceptions and enlightenment,” Hewitt said. “Also implied is the idea that all persons have within them a secret sign from which they will gain spiritual knowledge if they seek it.” Heavy.

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  1. [B]Dianne Mower[/B] [I]The Secret Sign[/I]