Album cover

Don Slepian

Rhythm Of Life

From 1970s Hawaii on to modern day New Jersey, Don Slepian has enjoyed a reputation as one of new age’s most respected and technologically-advanced synthesists.

Following Sea of Bliss’s critical acclaim, 1982’s Rhythm of Life finds Slepian returning to a more high energy, pure electronic music mode over four tightly-constructed tracks.

Track List

  1. Don Slepian Rhythm Of Life
  2. Don Slepian Fast Motion
  3. Don Slepian Sunrise
  4. Don Slepian Life After Life
  5. Don Slepian Stars (no album, 1980)
  6. Don Slepian Imaginary Path (Sonic Perfume LP, 1980)
  7. Don Slepian In The Loop (no album, 1983)