Album cover

Eccentric Soul

Omnibus Vol. 1

Forty-five 45 rpm singles from the dustiest corners of the United States, replicated down to the tiniest detail. Housed in a custom Numero-patterned 45 box, replete with metal hardware and handle in 19 different color combinations. Clothbound hardback book with a word count of almost 50,000, covering the bizarre histories of each group, the early history of Numero, plus a detailed series of indices. All of it is evidence that the darkened corners of the music business looked much the same in the pale light of Fresno, California, or Owensboro, Kentucky. Most of these 45s appear austere and simple at a glance, but every hand-drawn logo, every misspelled bit of crucial information belies a deep well of unique history, PVC footholds in an uphill battle against badly stacked odds, these were records willed into existence through pure determination. Gathered here are 90 songs and 45 stories—too disconnected and isolated from one another for expansion into full-length CD or LP projects—cross-referencing each town and year of issue, and gathering it all into a compact and elegant monument to America’s soul diaspora.

Track List

  1. The 13th Amendment Hard To Be In Love
  2. The 13th Amendment The Stretch
  3. Aggregation A Child Is Born
  4. Aggregation Can You Feel It
  5. Black Fur When We Get Together Soon
  6. Black Fur Feel The Shock
  7. Black Soul Express Party Time
  8. Black Soul Express When I Left You
  9. Crystal’s Image A Friend
  10. Crystal’s Image Crystal’s Image (Cold Crush Theme)
  11. Darker Shades Ltd. Trackin’ Down Jody
  12. Darker Shades Ltd. Trackin’ Down Jody (Part 2)
  13. Deep Heat Do It Again
  14. Deep Heat She's A Junkie (Who’s The Blame)
  15. Directory Feel It In Your Bones
  16. Directory World And Creation
  17. Duracha Jody Is Gone
  18. Duracha Ghet-to Funk
  19. Elements of Peace Together - Part I
  20. Elements of Peace Together - Part II
  21. The Energettics You Make Me Nothing
  22. The Energettics Rainy Days And Monday
  23. Everyday People (Loose Booty) Is A Real Thing
  24. Everyday People Get Next To You
  25. Family Connection This Time
  26. Family Connection Lost Her Love
  27. Flack and Company Disco-TNT
  28. Flack and Company Been Loving You So Long (Don't Want To Stop)
  29. Free Mind Just Jammin’
  30. Free Mind After We’re Gone (The World Keeps Turning)
  31. Hifidelics Hifidelics Groove
  32. Hifidelics Quiptown
  33. Hot Snow Four Times The Love
  34. Hot Snow Me & You
  35. Inbassador Everyday
  36. Inbassador Everybody’s Doing It
  37. The Intentions Dig It (Shovel)
  38. The Intentions Blowing With The Wind
  39. The Curtis Liggins Indications Funky Monkey Right On
  40. The Curtis Liggins Indications What It Is?
  41. Majestees Take Back All Those Things
  42. Majestees Let Her Go
  43. The Mixed Breed Gotta Go Home
  44. The Mixed Breed Wise
  45. Morning After Hey Girl
  46. Morning After Disco - Tick
  47. Now Land Of Now
  48. Now Lovin’ You Is Easy
  49. The Procedures Magic Mirror
  50. The Procedures Give Me One More Chance
  51. Prophets Of Peace The Max
  52. Prophets Of Peace You Can Be
  53. Rokk Patience
  54. Rokk Don’t Be No Fool
  55. Sag War Fare Don’t Be So Jive
  56. Sag War Fare Girl You Better Change
  57. Sky's The Limit Don't Be Afraid
  58. Sky’s The Limit Don’t Be Afraid (Instrumental)
  59. Soul Walkers Can I Say It Again
  60. Soul Walkers Stay Ahead
  61. Pat Stallworth Questions
  62. Pat Stallworth Questions (Part 2)
  63. Stone Creations Hands On A Golden Key
  64. Stone Creations The ‘It’ Song
  65. The Super Soul Movement Bad - Bad - Bad
  66. The Super Soul Movement Bad - Bad - Bad (Part 2)
  67. Suspicious Can Openers Fever In Your Hot Pants
  68. Suspicious Can Openers Tuesday In The Rain
  69. The Techniques Get Technified
  70. The Techniques When You’re Away
  71. Third Generation Mother Nature
  72. Third Generation Love Is Gonna Rain Down On Me
  73. Three Days Ahead Face It Man
  74. Three Days Ahead Rolling Love Part 2
  75. Tickled Pink Reach Out (And Give Me Your Hand)
  76. Tickled Pink Never Can Say Goodbye
  77. The Trinikas Black Is Beautiful
  78. The Trinikas Remember Me
  79. Trust Funk Power
  80. Trust Explosion
  81. Two Plus Two I’m Sure
  82. Two Plus Two Look Around
  83. Union Strike
  84. Union Come To My House For Lunch
  85. The Volumes I’ve Never Been So In Love
  86. The Volumes I’m Gonna Miss You
  87. Walter & the Admerations Life Of Tears
  88. Walter & the Admerations Man Oh Man (What Have I Done)
  89. Clifton White The Grade A
  90. Clifton White Ain’t No Love