Album cover

Eccentric Soul

The Tragar & Note Labels

Despite Atlanta’s reputation as the “Black Mecca,” until recently it had produced just a small batch of black records. But in the tradition of any soul-subgenre ringleader you care to name, Jesse J. Jones had once been quite busy building a private empire of sultry singing, tear-jerking strings, strident brass, and articulate soul songwriting like nothing else on offer in the American South around him. Sprawling over a pair of CDs, Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels is an exhaustive survey of the twin imprints’ Atlanta output from 1969 to 1977. Lost for 30 years amid the kudzu and Coke bottles of steamy central Georgia, 50 of Tragar and Note’s best sides have been dragged lovingly from the underbrush and elegantly presented for an audience well outside the perimeter.

Track List

  1. Eula Cooper Standing By Love
  2. The Young Divines Deep In Your Heart
  3. The Four Tracks You Mean Everything To Me
  4. The Young Divines I'll Show You With Love
  5. Sonia Ross Every Now And Then
  6. Andrea Williams Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things
  7. Eula Cooper Have Faith In Me
  8. Sandy Gaye Talk Is Cheap
  9. J. J. Jones I Can't Stand It
  10. Langston & French Let's Get Funky
  11. Eula Cooper That's How Much I Love You
  12. J. J. Jones Black Midnight
  13. Alice Swoboda Potter's Field
  14. Tee Fletcher Down In The Country
  15. Bill Wright You Got A Spell On Me
  16. Eula Cooper Heavenly Father
  17. Chuck Wilder The Clown
  18. Nathan Wilkes Now That I'm Wise
  19. L. Daniels Nitecap
  20. Franciene Thomas I'll Be There
  21. Frankie & Robert Sweet Thing
  22. Eula Cooper Shake Daddy Shake
  23. Tokay Lewis What Can The Matter Be
  24. Richard Cook Love Is So Mean
  25. Langston & French Tumbling Down
  26. Eula Cooper Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things
  27. Franciene Thomas Too Beautiful To Be Good
  28. The Knights Tipping Strings
  29. Richard Cook Somebody Got'A Help Me
  30. Frankie & Robert Love (It's Been So Long)
  31. Nathan Wilkes Strange Feeling
  32. Eula Cooper I Can't Help If I Love You
  33. Chuck Wilder Why
  34. Tokay Lewis Who Wants Me Now
  35. Bill Wright You're The Only Thing I've Got Going For Me
  36. Sonia Ross Let Me Be Free
  37. Tee Fletcher Would You Do It For Me
  38. Eula Cooper Try
  39. Sandy Gaye Watch The Dog That Brings The Bone
  40. Tee Fletcher All Because Of You
  41. Bobby Owens & the Diplomats Messin' Around
  42. Eula Cooper Let Our Love Grow Higher
  43. The Young Divines Ain't That Sharp
  44. The Four Tracks Charade
  45. Sonia Ross Breaking My Heart
  46. Cherry Blend Love Is Gone
  47. Eula Cooper I Need You More
  48. Alice Swoboda I Think It's Time (You Were Mine)
  49. The Knights The Hump
  50. Eula Cooper Beggars Can't Be Choosey