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English Meadow

“English Meadow” was recorded in Wilmington, Sussex in the United Kingdom near the famous Long Man of Wilmington hill figure. Irv Teibel sought to capture the specific character of English birdsong and vibrancy of the Sussex countryside, and set up his recording equipment near an abandoned monastery late on a spring afternoon. An anecdote from the LP jacket: “When we later asked a local vicar about the Wilmington birds, he remarked that they only seemed to sing at dusk, and usually only in the area around the ruined monastery. Sure enough, when we returned the next morning at dawn, there was not a sound to be heard.” Use this recording to make your living space seem brighter and cheerier.

“Night in the Country” on Side B of Environments 10 is a bit of a mystery. Irv Teibel heard this soundscape as a primal connection to what our ancestors heard eons before the din of modern technology. From the liner notes: “If there is a heartbeat to this earth, it is the sound of insects at night… Unless you are an ardent camper, the chances of your experiencing such sounds in nature would be almost nil. Yet, for millions of years, this is what most of mankind heard almost every night, a comforting nightsong that helped us to sleep and dream… Go back in time and experience peace.” “Night in the Country,” he adds, is a “transparent” sound intended for conversation, relaxation, and sleep.

Track List

  1. Environments English Meadow
  2. Environments Night In The Country
  3. Environments Crickets