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Tintinnabulation (Contemplative Sound)

“Tintinnabulation” features five computer-generated bell tones tuned to what Teibel called an “oriental theory of musical harmonics.” From the liner notes: “Imagine five different bells, each as big as an average room, which are sounded very, very softly and reverberate for minutes afterward.” This proto-ambient recording was the first in the series designed specifically for meditation and relaxation. It was intended for playback from 78 rpm all the way down to 16 ⅔ rpm. Teibel released a special “low-frequency version” at 16 ⅔ rpm for the CD edition. A note on the LP jacket that Syntonic Research, Inc would not be held responsible for damage caused to hi-fi systems playing “Tintinnabulation” at high volumes.

Side B of Environments 2, “Dawn at New Hope, PA,” was recorded in June, 1969. Teibel laments on the back of the jacket that these “dawn chorus” sounds are “gradually vanishing from the North American countryside.” He describes this recording as “transparent,” meaning it doesn’t neutralize other sounds, as opposed to Side A’s “opaque” quality. The press release for Environments 2 states that “For our listening tests, there was one bird that produced a complex high-frequency sound the average phono cartridge couldn’t track. To remedy this, we edited out the second half of the bird call each time it occurred. It took 230 cuts on a half hour of tape to do it.”

Track List

  1. Environments Tintinnabulation (Contemplative Sound)
  2. Environments Dawn At New Hope