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Environments is a historic catalog of long form field recordings created for the way you live. Whether you need to work, meditate, sleep, or any other use, Environments is the only ambient sound app based on extended recordings created in the 1960s and ’70s on analog tape. Environments began as an unprecedented series of vinyl records, garnering widespread acclaim and selling millions of units. Now Environments steps into the mobile age as an invaluable and unique sonic tool for the way YOU live.

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• No internet connection required—all recordings are part of the app.

• 22 fully remastered long form analog recordings, most 30 minutes or more. Not short loops, not white noise— Environments live and breathe like nature itself.

• Simple, intuitive navigation. Unobtrusive, ad-free look and feel evokes a simpler, better time.

• Put your favorite environment on infinite loop, or build your own playlist of favorites.

• Blocks distractions, increases focus and mindfulness, reduces stress, helpful with tinnitus and fussy babies.

• Sounds include ocean waves, birdsongs and dawn chorus, chimes, “be-in,” thunderstorms, gentle rain, heartbeat, wind in trees, wordless choir, summer cornfield, creaky sailboat, country stream, country meadow, blizzard, and many more.

• Features informative biography of Environments creator Irv Teibel, along with concise informational screens on individual recordings.

• A co-creation of Numero Group and Syntonic Research, Inc.

Track List

  1. Environments Psychologically Ultimate Seashore (45 rpm)
  2. Environments Optimum Aviary
  3. Environments Tintinnabulation (Contemplative Sound)
  4. Environments Dawn At New Hope
  5. Environments Be-In (A Psychoacoustic Experience)
  6. Environments Dusk At New Hope
  7. Environments The Psychologically Ultimate Thunderstorm
  8. Environments Gentle Rain In A Pine Forest (Synthetic Silence)
  9. Environments Ultimate Heartbeat
  10. Environments Wind In The Trees
  11. Environments Dawn In The Okefenokee Swamp
  12. Environments Dusk In The Okefenokee Swamp
  13. Environments Intonation
  14. Environments Summer Cornfield
  15. Environments Wood-Masted Sailboat
  16. Environments Country Stream
  17. Environments Pacific Ocean
  18. Environments Caribbean Lagoon
  19. Environments English Meadow
  20. Environments Night In The Country
  21. Environments Country Thunderstorm
  22. Environments Wind/Hail Storm