Album cover

Eric Relph

Pretty Darlin'

Written 5,000 feet up in a cabin the sierra mountains, Eric Relph’s Pretty Darlin’ started as a just-for-fun project that gradually snowballed into a timeless document of breezy California living in the late 1970s. With collaborators like Bill Champlin (Sons of Champlin) and Michael Allsup (Three Dog Night), Relph cut his one and only LP at producer Allsup’s studio in Santa Monica and self-released it to little fanfare in 1978. Perhaps due in part to the evocative cover by surf artist Bill Ogden, psych gradually aficionados took notice, elevating the album to lost classic status.

Track List

  1. Eric Relph Pretty Darlin'
  2. Eric Relph Oh Why
  3. Eric Relph Spirit Train
  4. Eric Relph Forty Miles
  5. Eric Relph Treat Me Kind
  6. Eric Relph Gold or Silver
  7. Eric Relph Down the Road
  8. Eric Relph Hnads off Baby
  9. Eric Relph Stoned Louis
  10. Eric Relph Ah Dey Aum