Album cover

Foreign Blue Renaisance

Finding You b/w Oh, Yes I Do

Originally performing under the truncated Foreign Blue banner, this Cleveland-based outfit could regularly be seen squeezing an eight-piece lineup onto the tiny stage at the infamous Leo’s Casino. “It was always a trouble getting a band to do what you wanted to do,” said bandleader and vocalist Curtis Butler, “so we grew the band in to a singing and playing combo, much like Kool and The Gang or Kinsman Dazz.” After tagging ‘Renaisance’ onto the end of the band name, the group descended into Cleveland Recording in January of 1974. Butler—who penned both songs under the pseudonym Edward Prince—was absent from the band’s only recording session having joined the army the year prior. His compositions were dutifully tended to by vocalists Johnny Britt, Marvin Hodge, and Dale Coleman, guitarist Russell Hodge, bass and trumpet dueler Bennell Laster, and drummer Willie McAllister. The low n’ slow ballad “Oh, Yes I Do,” features the group’s baby Johnny Britt on lead, while “Finding You” has Hodge, Coleman, Hodge, and Britt trading lines in a Temptations-esque fashion.

The single was issued on their own Kohoutech label—named for the “comet of the century” that passed unremarkably by Earth two weeks prior to the band’s lone recording session. The miniscule pressing disintegrated and disappeared over Cleveland in similar fashion.

Track List

  1. Foreign Blue Renaisance Finding You
  2. Foreign Blue Renaisance Oh Yes I Do