Album cover

Frank Adams

Ol' Sundown

Ol’ Sundown sounds exactly how you’d expect, love like spreading morning glories, counting cracks in sidewalk stones. Frank Adams recorded his sole LP with power pop legend Tom Marolda for Black Sheep Records in the dawn of 1980, and somewhere between 100 and 500 copies were pressed and sold into obscurity. Equal parts James Taylor and Pet Sounds, Ol’ Sundown is the sonic equivalent of watching dust float through your living room at golden hour. There’s boundless tenderness, dreamy folk, and touches of psychedelic haze.

Track List

  1. Frank Adams We'll Catch The Sun
  2. Frank Adams Written In Your Eyes
  3. Frank Adams Ol’ Sundown
  4. Frank Adams Give Me My Life
  5. Frank Adams Another Dawn
  6. Frank Adams The Story You Tell
  7. Frank Adams Long Distance Line
  8. Frank Adams Magic
  9. Frank Adams Mayword ways