Album cover

Fred Costello

Carryin' On

Fred Costello’s debut record was a long time in the making, the byproduct of touring with a lounge combo for eleven years, 43 states, and a whopping three countries. The jaunt came to an end in the ’70s, when Costello settled down in Syracuse, New York, where he opened a teaching studio, gigged locally, and cut his solo debut Carryin’ On. Fellow road warrior, arranger-trombonist Bob Alexander was tapped to lead the project and “Steve Allen Show” alumnus Bob DiNieri added rich vocals to this slick collection of jazz, funk, and Latin. Carryin’ On is a record that would have fit comfortably in various music libraries of the day, but was privately pressed and distributed primarily from the stage. The acclaim of the LP scored Costello a gig which would make him the longest-running house organist in the U.S. with the Rochester Red Wings minor league baseball team.

Track List

  1. Frank Costello Super Soul
  2. Frank Costello Go Away Little Girl
  3. Frank Costello The More I See You
  4. Frank Costello Garden of the Gods
  5. Frank Costello Carryin' On
  6. Frank Costello Old Folks
  7. Frank Costello Flamingo
  8. Frank Costello Blues Backstage
  9. Frank Costello Swing Samba
  10. Frank Costello Chitlins Con Carne
  11. Frank Costello CC Rider
  12. Frank Costello Do Nothin...From Me
  13. Frank Costello April In Paris
  14. Frank Costello Blues For Eddies
  15. Frank Costello Step Lightly
  16. Frank Costello Baby Let Me Go
  17. Frank Costello Here Come The Red Wings (Vocal)
  18. Frank Costello Here Come The Red Wings (Instrumental)
  19. Frank Costello Jazz In The Morning - 'Sound Bites'