Album cover

Geoff Farina

Reverse Eclipse

As Geoff Farina’s punk-fusion band Karate drew their unpredictable stylistic whims closer to the realms of jazz, blues, prog, and world music, Farina followed suit in his solo career. What began with an unassuming collection of four-track bedroom musings in the form of his 1998 debut, Usonian Dream Sequence, grew more intrepid and vivid with Farina’s second album, 2000’s Reverse Eclipse. He teamed up with engineer Andy Hong, who also oversaw Karate’s tremendous artistic growth during the same period, and Hong kept Farina’s intimate bliss intact on Reverse Eclipse. The album further clarifies Farina’s seasoned axe-handling and bold, unconventional style—like the way a sprinkle of light jazz curlicues spill over into a swarthy, mumbled guitar flourish as soon as Farina’s strained coo slides away on “Gravity.” Farina’s understated cool invigorates the emotional power of his solo material, which makes the slow-boil of “Fire” land like a cannonball to the gut. Reverse Eclipse appeared in the midst of a terrifically fertile creative period for Farina, and the album’s sustained resonance makes that era all the more remarkable.

Track List

  1. Geoff Farina // Special Diamonds
  2. Geoff Farina // The Left-Handed Way
  3. Geoff Farina // Fire
  4. Geoff Farina // Henningsen or Hemingway
  5. Geoff Farina // Gravity
  6. Geoff Farina // Pordenone Plaster
  7. Geoff Farina // Soon In Tents
  8. Geoff Farina // The Rights
  9. Geoff Farina // Only Yellows
  10. Geoff Farina // The Dianne Eraser
  11. Geoff Farina // Olive Or Otherwise
  12. Geoff Farina // One Percent
  13. Geoff Farina // Fixable