Album cover

Geoff Farina

Usonian Dream Sequence

Geoff Farina is a songwriter whose creativity isn’t satisfied by one musical project. This was definitely the case during his intrepid rise through the U.S. punk scene in the 1990s as part of Karate, whose strangely intoxicating brew of emo, jazz, and slowcore satisfied just about any subvert who packed DIY venues to catch the Boston band. But Karate and The Secret Stars, Farina’s charming, lo-fi recording project he helmed with artist Jodi Buonanno, could not contain all of his work. Beginning in 1994, Farina stowed away material that fit neither of his ongoing endeavors, and gathered up enough songs to issue a solo album—the Southern Records-issued Usonian Dream Sequence in 1998. The title shares its name with a comforting, dazed song Farina wrote after a tour nap informed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s The Natural House, and the album’s energy evokes an intimate, dreamlike whimsy. Farina’s sparse solo songs contain all the power and dynamism of Karate’s more overtly aggressive material, all while played at a volume that brings the weight of all the music subtitles to bear. All these years later, the disarming acoustic number “The Same Way” and the dusky retro-balladeering of “Dries” have kept Usonian Dream Sequence a vision.

Track List

  1. Geoff Farina // As You Are Right
  2. Geoff Farina // 48
  3. Geoff Farina // The Most Recent Imaginary
  4. Geoff Farina // Car
  5. Geoff Farina // The United States
  6. Geoff Farina // Not About A Birthday
  7. Geoff Farina // Usonian Dream Sequence
  8. Geoff Farina // The Same Way
  9. Geoff Farina // Eventually
  10. Geoff Farina // Midlantic Schemes
  11. Geoff Farina // For Now
  12. Geoff Farina // Dries
  13. Geoff Farina // Window Seats