Album cover

Giant Henry

Big Baby

Before there was Unwound, there was Cygnus X-1. And before there was Cygnus X-1, there was Giant Henry. Recorded in original Unwound drummer Brandt Sandeno’s parents’ basement over one weekend in the winter of 1991, the 12-song vinyl-only Big Baby captures captures Vern Rumsey, Brandt Sandeno, and Justin Trosper in their Bleach-ed out halcyon days. Taking a cue from the scene they came kicking and screaming out of, a hand-screened all black tip on jacket was slathered in silver ink in three variations: The childhood photos of drummer Sandeno, bassist Rumsey, and guitarist Trosper. The accompanying insert was printed on 80lb black paper in silver ink, with one side taken up by a photo of the band shot by a young Kathleen Hanna and the other filled with reflections by Justin Trosper.

Track List

  1. Giant Henry Super Nova
  2. Giant Henry Gas Cap
  3. Giant Henry Listenator
  4. Giant Henry Stopt
  5. Giant Henry No Duh
  6. Giant Henry Huckleberries
  7. Giant Henry Beautiful Name
  8. Giant Henry Thumb Question
  9. Giant Henry Linoleum
  10. Giant Henry Refridgeration Scheme
  11. Giant Henry Fathom It Again
  12. Giant Henry Chris Jordan