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Great Lakes Orchestra

This Is The Night For Loving b/w Didn't I Tell You

A testament to the glinting excitement of the cool, dry Las Vegas nights that inspired Lou Ragland’s relocation to Sin City in the early ’80s, “This Is The Night For Loving” by Great Lakes Orchestra is the lead single from Numero’s forthcomingEccentric Disco compilation. Usher in your summer with the vocal duo of Lou Ragland and Kathy Peterson intimately entwined together, rejoicing in an ode to lovers finding each other in the heat of the night. The optimism continues on the flip with “Didn’t I Tell You,” an infectious, sunny groover brought to life with the employment of an ebullient, Nile Rogers-jacking guitar riff.

Fresh off a longstanding Cleveland-based tenure with his brainchild groups Hot Chocolate and Love Apple, Lou Ragland journeyed west in 1980 searching for newer and warmer sources of inspiration. With a guitar, a tuxedo, and a $300 paycheck, Lou embarked on his brightly lit Las Vegas chapter, becoming captured by the effervescence of the neon city. Starting at a forgotten jazz hole-in-the-wall on the west side, he graduated to the Speakeasy at Flamingo and Paradise Roads, where he and his newly formed Great Lakes Orchestra appeared regularly throughout the decade. Though rich in studios and musicians, Sin City lacked any real record companies, a problem Lou and his partners at American Creative rectified with the formation of Casino Records. The lack of a tried and true music business infrastructure in Vegas would inspire Lou to further cement his place in the Vegas soundscape, helming his own Great Lakes offshoot in tribute to the glacial waters of his home state. The label’s output however would be overshadowed by Lou’s work at Casino, resulting in a lone release by Great Lakes Orchestra featuring Lou Ragland, 1982’s “This Is The Night For Loving b/w Didn’t I Tell You.”

Track List

  1. Great Lakes Orchestra This Is The Night For Loving
  2. Great Lakes Orchestra Didn't I Tell You