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Heavy Reflections

Originally established as a UK subsidiary of CBS in 1969, Reflection Records, the A&R brainchild of Andrew Cameron Miller. The imprint was cut loose in 1970 to run things independently, which they did, releasing everything from pastoral countryside ballads to psychedelic prog. Across 13 LPs, and just as many singles, the imprint left its mark on history with groups like Andwella, Catherine Howe, Robert William Scott, and a host of other folkies, acid freaks, and all manner of rambler gamblers from the English countryside.

Heavy Reflections captures the best of the moodier and melancholic leaning tracks from the catalog, featuring Steamhammer, Andwella, Dogfeet, and more.

Track List

  1. Orange Peel I Got No Time
  2. Andwellas Dream Sunday
  3. Steamhammer She Is In Fire
  4. Dog Feet Evil Woman
  5. Andwellas Dream Felix
  6. Steamhammer Even The Clock
  7. David Lewis Man Without A Name
  8. Love Children Morning of Your Life
  9. The Unauthorised Version Girl In A Bus Queue
  10. Dogfeet Now I Know
  11. Andwellas Dream Shades of Gray
  12. Steamhammer Lost You Too
  13. Dogfeet Sad Story / Reprise
  • Steamhammer
  • Dogfeet
  • I Got Not Time b/w Searching for a Place to Hide
    Orange Peel