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Hip Straights

Hip Straights, the opening track of Chisel’s breakthrough 1996 album 8 A.M. All Day, exhilarates from square one, with guitarist Ted Leo’s urgent couplet “Why don’t we go walking for a while?/I think we need to do something about your style” kicking off an economical 36-minute, 13-song tour of the band’s singular take on mod punk rock. Recorded by Archie Moore of Velocity Girl and Heartworms at his Mulberry Lane studio in Temple Hills, Maryland—just a few miles from the point in the Potomac River where the state meets Virginia and Washington, D.C., a fitting place for the new trio in town to write its next chapter—Hip Straights immediately establishes the LP’s mission of capturing the jubilant energy of Chisel’s live shows. Also included are Leo’s 2022 remix of another 8 A.M. track, Citizen of Venus, as well as a live version of the LP’s closer, Breaking Up With Myself.

Track List

  1. Hip Straights
  2. Citizens of Venus (Remix)
  3. Breaking Up With Myself (Live)