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Hot Chocolate

"Good For The Gander" b/w "We Had True Love"

George Pickett’s billing as “one of the world’s youngest and most versatile musicians” was either too good an advertisement or not good enough. An ever-evolving standard from the Ragland songbook, “Good For The Gander” has a heavy Hendrix vibe, but in its edited-for-45 form, much of that charm was trimmed. Thankfully, the master tape retained a six-plus-minute jam in its original configuration. After the scissors finished with “Good for the Gander,” a truncated version “We Had True Love” was sutured for the flip, with additional organ and xylophone serving in place of Lou’s lengthy introduction. Pressed at Boddie in the waning days of 1971, the 45 appeared with both a yellow and a white label; the latter was intended for DJs but instead spent the better part of three decades collecting dust in Cleveland and Las Vegas storage units.

Track List

  1. Hot Chocolate Good For The Gander
  2. Hot Chocolate We Had True Love