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In Tow

Percolating in the same Champaign-Urbana watery diner coffee that spawned American Football and Braid, and coalescing in Chicago, C-Clamp shrugged on and off the ’90s midwest slowcore, post-rock, and emo scene in a hurry. Led by the guitarist/vocalist Tom Fitzgerald’s floating harmonics, the trio was rounded out by bassist Nick Macri and the stuttering rhythms of drummer Frantz Etienne. “In Tow” is the first single from the band’s 1998 swan song Longer Waves, recorded by Dave Trumfio and originally issued on the Ohio Gold label. A series of van mishaps and an errant nail gun ended the band before they ever escaped Illinois.

“… full of big sky and endless horizon, yet somehow nostalgically homesick…” - The Wire (London, England)

“…like a bridge between arty experimentation and pop. C-Clamp songs often start out as gentle rivulets of melody before cascading into lengthy instrumental rapids dotted with dissonance and uneven tempos.” - Chicago Tribune