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90 Day Men

I've Got Designs On You

90 Day Men waste no time establishing they are operating on a new plane with “I’ve Got Designs on You”, the opening salvo from their sophomore album To Everybody. The track finds the band completely removed from anything they’d done before as guitarist Brian Case and drummer Cayce Key reintroduce themselves with a woozy, off kilter groove, setting the stage for Robert A.A. Lowe’s most direct address to the listener yet. The song slowly unfolds for a full 2 minutes before keyboardist Andrew Lansangan enters the fold and delivers the final blow to any preconceived notions of what this band is. Dramatic and daring, “I’ve Got Designs On You” is the sound of 90 Day Men catering to no one, and careening into their abyss.

Track List

  1. I've Got Designs On You
  2. Last Night, A DJ Saved My Life