Album cover

Jack Fascinato

Arranges Things

Best known as the musical director Tennessee Ernie Ford or Burt Tillstrom’s Kukla, Fran and Ollie television program, Jack Fascinato was also a top secret space-age bachelor. Though he cut only three albums under his name, all are mid-century hi-fi fever dreams etched into wax.

Fascinato’s independently-issued singles for KāHill and Fraternity were collected on 1957’s Arranges Things, issued by Norman Forgue’s Evanston, Illinois-based Stepheny label. Featured on the LP are the barber-wop quartet the Mellowmen and sultry exoticism from Doris Drew. Fran Allison’s liner notes boasted that “confirmed hi-fi fans will adjust their woofers and tweeters so that when they hear the bells in ‘Abada,’ they'll practically be able to see a camel train coming down the street.” Despite intense pandering, the LP managed to completely miss hi-fi enthusiasts and was quietly remaindered when Stepheny closed its doors at the decade’s end.

Track List

  1. Jack Fascinato Happy Medium
  2. Jack Fascinato Aba Da Aba Du
  3. Jack Fascinato Drum City
  4. Jack Fascinato There Will Never Be Another You
  5. Jack Fascinato Diggin’ Duggan
  6. Jack Fascinato Be My Lovin’ Baby
  7. Jack Fascinato Fifty Fathoms
  8. Jack Fascinato Rainbows In The Sky
  9. Jack Fascinato I’m Alone But Never Lonely
  10. Jack Fascinato Custer’s Last One-Night Stand
  11. Jack Fascinato Tea For Two
  12. Jack Fascinato Road Runner
  13. Jack Fascinato The Moment We Met
  14. Jack Fascinato I Love To Sing