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Jack Fascinato

Palm Springs Suite

The beauty, the glamour, the many-hued sounds and moods of America’s desert playground are here vividly displayed in twelve fresh and modern portraits—an exciting musical panorama composed and conducted by Jack Fascinato.

Jack Fascinato’s original track by track music from Palm Springs Suite’s 1959 liner notes:

Desert Dawn

A faint suggestion of light, as seen just over the Little San Bernardino Mountains, is denoted by single guitar notes. The actual melody is introduced by harp, with guitar accompaniment, as well as harp solo, increasing fullness as the sun rises. Cello, aided by vibraphone, and later marimba, reprises the original melody and leads into the dramatic piano solo which herald the arrival of another delightful desert day.

Sunrise Way

Running parallel to Palm Canyon Drive a mile east of Indian Avenue is a thoroughfare called Sunrise Way. On days featuring a rodeo, parade, sports car race or other special event, villagers know that it takes less time ti drive out of their way and do their north-south traveling on Sunrise Way. Musically, this a fugue (a composition based on one or more short themes in which different instruments repeat the same melody with slight variations). The theme is first stated by flute, then viola, clarinet, and French horn. A four-bar string bass sets of a “pseudo-jazz” unison variation. The ending reverts to the beginning style.

Breakfast Ride

No breakfast anywhere, anytime, ever tastes better than does an authentic chuck wagon breakfast served in a cozy Palm Canyon cover on a soft, spring morning. Destination of “Breakfast Ride” its just such a breakfast. The here (the horse) is inclined to test his gait, as evidenced by the extra steps he occasionally ad libs (wood-block). The main theme features electric guitar, pizzicato bass and viola. Sub-theme utilizes flute and oboe.

Tahquitz Canyon

Guitar solo, with harp “fills,” is used to symbolize the beauty of this spectacular canyon and waterfall—used as the setting for scenes in the movie Lost Horizon.

The Tallyho

A happy, energetic group is taking the tallyho (a coach drawn by four horses) to a local ranch for square dancing. The French horn is featured to depict the happy anticipation of an evening of fun, western style!

Palm Canyon Drive

Seeing this avenue today, an old-timer returning to Palm Springs might well ask, “Whatever happened to our little Indian village?” For at the height of the season, Palm Canyon Drive can be as exciting (and as crowded) as Broadway at curtain time. Piano establishes the “busy street” theme; occasional auto horns are heard.

Poolside Patter

Boy meets girl poolside (boy—belle; girl—xylophone); boy and girl have an interesting conversation until new arrivals join them in the second chorus (piano and harp); finally, a whole cabana-full of conversationalists descends on the unsuspecting group as everyone gets into the act.

Sun Flowers

“The flowers that bloom in the spring, verbena and primrose et al.” Flute and oboe duets, and solos by viola and horn, attempt to convey the fragility, delicacy and simplicity of desert wildflowers.

Golf A La Cart

Wham! He slams a mighty drive (harp scale) and away he goes on his cart (rhythm section with electronic bongos). Finding his ball he dismounts (two cello pizzicato notes)/ The cello solo that follows the depicts checking position, sighting pin, practice swings, sighting pin again, more practice swings and finally, the approach shot. He happily departs on his cart for the green.

Las Palmas Cocktail Party

Answer the door, here’s our first guest (piano); a brief conversation, the door chimes, and other guest (guitar). As other friends arrive, the party gains martini momentum, sparkles to life, and the next issue The Desert Sun will report another successful Las Palmas cocktail party. Magic moments later the guests depart for a late dinner. All, that is, except one: our overly punctual first arrival. There’s one at every party.

San Jacinto Sunset

Viola reprises the main theme, depicting especially the unique memorable experience of viewing a San Jacinto sunset.

Desert Stars

The day has passed, and the sky’s varied hues deepen as the warm evening descends. Celeste, vibraphone and harp create a nebulous mood to enhance another delightful desert night. Desert stars—where else could they hold such beauty?

Track List

  1. Jack Fascinato Desert Dawn
  2. Jack Fascinato Sunrise Way
  3. Jack Fascinato Breakfast Ride
  4. Jack Fascinato Tahquitz Canyon
  5. Jack Fascinato The Tally ho
  6. Jack Fascinato Palm Canyon Drive
  7. Jack Fascinato Poolside Patter
  8. Jack Fascinato Sun Flowers
  9. Jack Fascinato Golf A La Cart
  10. Jack Fascinato Las Palmas Cocktail Party
  11. Jack Fascinato San Jacinto Sunset
  12. Jack Fascinato Desert Stars