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Jaded Lady

Rock N Roll Ain't Pretty

The third entry in our ever-expanding Raising Hell At The Seventh Veil series, Jaded Lady is a lethal dose of ’80s hair and glam from L.A.’s fabled Sunset Strip. Formed out of the ashes of Leather Angel in 1985, the quartet of Cathy Amanti, Terry O’Leary, Kerry James, and Danielle Kern went from femme-metal curio to headlining the Whisky and Troubadour while sharing the stage with the likes of RATT, Steeler, and Black & Blue. Over their four-year run, they self-released a handful of demo cassettes and briefly landed a record deal with ill-fated Apocalypse Records. Jaded Lady front-woman Terry O’Leary can be briefly spotted in Penelope Spheeris’ The Decline Of The Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years, saying “If you want to make it, you have to persevere. And I will persevere.” The band folded in 1988.

Rock n' Roll Ain’t Pretty gathers all six tracks from their 1985 and 1986 recording sessions. Break out your denims, crank all knobs to 11 and get ready for the self- proclaimed “Queens Of Leather Rock.”

Jaded Lady on Nu Rock, 1986

Track List

  1. Jaded Lady Rock N Roll Ain’t Pretty
  2. Jaded Lady On The Run
  3. Jaded Lady Shoot Me With Your Love
  4. Jaded Lady Empty Heart
  5. Jaded Lady Give It All You Got
  6. Jaded Lady Break Free