Album cover

Jeff Cowell

Iron & Ice

After the release of 1975’s Lucky Strikes & Liquid Gold, Jeff Cowell was asked to attend a potentially career-minting event at Chicago’s Grand Ballroom. Cowell—perhaps celebrating too soon or self-medicating his own anxiety—downed a catastrophic number of scotch and sodas. Feeling he’d blown his big chance, Cowell slunk back to Northern Michigan to focus on family and career, relegating music to hobby status.

Deriving it’s name from the frozen landscape of his hometown of Iron Mountain, Iron & Ice conjured the acoustic simplicity of Plaint and reacquainted a few hundred Chickee’s Bar patrons with his intimate tales from the Midwest’s mellow wilderness. Cowell sings his stream-of-conscious lyrics through a tape echo resulting in an unmistakably unique brand of loner-folk.

Track List

  1. Jeff Cowell Fisher
  2. Jeff Cowell Beast
  3. Jeff Cowell Journey Home
  4. Jeff Cowell Take Myself Away
  5. Jeff Cowell Me And My Woman
  6. Jeff Cowell No Echo
  7. Jeff Cowell Peach Honey
  8. Jeff Cowell Blue Bird
  9. Jeff Cowell Where You Will
  10. Jeff Cowell Iron and Ice