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Jeff Cowell


Tucked deep into the endless wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Jeff Cowell spent the bulk of the 1970s crafting his own poetic folk universe. Following his honorable discharge in the winter of 1973, he returned home to begin work on his solo debut, Plaint. Recorded with Kris Nordine at his father's residential Snail Studios in Chicago, the conservative pressing of 150 copies trickled out at solo engagements or via consignment at Chickee’s Bar in Iron Mountain.

In the album’s sparse liner notes, Word Jazz pioneer Ken Nordine describes Plaint’s empty dive bar aesthetic: “How many songs you sung in the dark to come again tomorrow. How many Plaints have you complained and no one gives a shit. Jeff, you’re okay. You’re gonna be alright”

Track List

  1. Jeff Cowell Mr. Universe
  2. Jeff Cowell Down
  3. Jeff Cowell Miss Canoe
  4. Jeff Cowell Aspen Tables
  5. Jeff Cowell Winter
  6. Jeff Cowell Running
  7. Jeff Cowell Racing
  8. Jeff Cowell On A Train
  9. Jeff Cowell Close Your Eyes
  10. Jeff Cowell Haven't Been