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Joanna Brouk

Healing Music

All music has its source in silence. It rises and falls from that infinite source. By “tuning in” to one’s own silence, one can hear the music of the spheres, the him of the universe, and the songs of the cosmos. Joanna Brouk demonstrates through her own compositions how a single note can resonate to create a symphony and how the physical body is the instrument for a myriad of musical creations. One of the results of listening to Joanna Brouk’s music is that the listener becomes aware of the silence within that creates music. Music—or sound—therefore, contains those principles which structure silence into motion. The “spaces between” notes become as important as the notes themselves.

Everyone finds tremendous appeal in this form of music because it rises from so fundamental a source that its structure is parallel to the structure of life and that of the cosmos as a whole. This is why Pythagoras wrote that music and the heavenly bodies are governed by the same mathematical laws. It is also why music has the power to resonate with every level of awareness of the listener—the mind, the intellect, emotions and pure creative silence.

We live in a tonal world. Music can structure higher emotions. Joanna Brouk illustrates how music can raise the awareness of the listener to universal awareness. Music, therefore, can serve as a reminder of what one truly is—it plays the story of life.

Healing Music—the first album by Mills College alum Joanna Brouk—appeared unassumingly on cassette in 1980. This scarce ‘pattern cover’ version, was provided as an incentive for a fundraising drive for KPFA public radio in Berkeley, California where Brouk worked. The A side is filled entirely by the sprawling 24-minute “Maggi’s Flute,” performed by famed electroacoustic artist and fellow Mills graduate Maggi Payne. Side two features Brouk on piano, hammering out the minimal theme which would develop into her now-classic “The Space Between” soon thereafter.

Track List

  1. Joanna Brouk Maggi's Flute - Lifting Off
  2. Joanna Brouk Maggi's Flute - Mary's Watch, Pt. 1
  3. Joanna Brouk Maggi's Flute - Mary's Watch, Pt. 2
  4. Joanna Brouk Maggi's Flute - Mary's Watch, Pt. 3
  5. Joanna Brouk Maggi's Flute - Mary's Watch, Pt. 4
  6. Joanna Brouk Healing Music