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Joe Hicks

Slow Dance

The B-side to an untimely house remake of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone,” Joe Hicks’ late night roller rink jam “Slow Dance” arrived with a busted toe stop upon its 1988 12” release. Producers Stan Hoover and Kevin Dortch began sessioning in the early ’80s under the New Horizons and Hoover Connection banners, but turned their focus to Hicks in ’86 and formed JKS Productions. “We had a B-side mentality,” Hoover later reflected. Had they pushed their Temptations update to the flip, “it would have been playing in every roller rink,” he said. The five minutes of blown out drum machine clacks and haunted house keys proved to be one gulp of cough syrup too many for Chicago skate chapters, and Hicks’ single ended up being the lone release on the label. Rexers, duckwalkers, and grapeviners, this is your Numero cut.

Track List

  1. Joe Hicks Slow Dance (Instrumental)
  2. Joe Hicks Slow Dance