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Julie Durocher

Julie Durocher - Wild As A Wildcat

Driftless teenage dreaming from the wilds of Wisconsin! Fourteen-year-old Julie Durocher was a regular at Jim Kirchstein’s Sauk City recording emporium, resulting in two mid-’60s 45s for the in-house Cuca imprint. “Bad News” channels the druggy energy of Johnny Cash into an adolescent problem child screed, with all the quaver of John D. Loudermilk’s original. Durocher’s six Cuca recordings have been compiled here for the first time, a snapshot of her high school years before trekking to Nashville and making equally lost records for the Flash, Royal American, Phono, and Firecracker labels. 

Track List

  1. Julie Durocher Bad News
  2. Julie Durocher Darling You're Not Mine
  3. Julie Durocher Wild As A Wildcat
  4. Julie Durocher Another In The Crowd
  5. Julie Durocher You're Still On My Mind
  6. Julie Durocher Please Mr. DJ