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Kenn Lowy

You Deserve Better (Than This) b/w Life Goes On

Kenn Lowy recorded the plaintive and unbelievably catchy “You Deserve Better Than This” as a High School student in 1977. He wrote it for a girl who was dating someone else — they were 16 at the time. And it worked, and they wound up together for several years. (The other guy actually remained a friend for several decades.) The single, backed with “Life Goes On”, was Lowy’s first recording, cut in a small studio in Brooklyn Heights. Around 300 copies were pressed up. His next release, “A Move to the Right” was under the moniker of Wrinklemuzik, appeared in 1981 and the sound was synth pop. In the 1990’s Lowy returned to his acoustic roots, and continues to record, focusing on the Chapman Stick and the related tapping instrument, the Warr Guitar. In 2016 Lowy relocated to Switzerland. “I always thought it was a good song,” he says about his earliest record today.


Track List

  1. Kenn Lowy You Deserve Better (Than This)
  2. Kenn Lowy Life Goes On