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Kevin Vicalvi

Songs From Down the Hall

Born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts, Kevin Vicalvi first picked up a guitar around the age of twelve. As a teen he found a mentor in Joe D’Angelo, lead guitarist of local heroes The Joneses, later known as Mad Angel. Vicalvi went to Lowell State (now Umass Lowell) for a year, but left after concluding that the program was focused on turning out teachers. Vicalvi and bassist / vocalist Denis dela Gorgendiere started recording in 1972 at Starizon Studio, described as a cramped suite on the third floor of a Worcester Main Street office building. They toiled there nights and weekends with owner Dwight Glodell, enduring a multitude of technical issues with an overloaded Ampex 4-track machine and “calibration problems, tuning problems, noise problems, overheating problems, humidity problems, running-out-of-tracks problems…” The process was so fraught that Glodell offered to scrap the whole thing and start over free of charge, but the album, entitled Songs From Down The Hall, made it out, whereupon it sold “four copies,” according to Vicalvi. “I was gunning for the big boys, and it didn’t work out that way. But people latched onto it over the years.” Full of timelessly addictive guitar and ARP hooks, the album is a triumph of youthful energy — and Vicalvi comes off as considerably more seasoned than his 22 years would suggest.

Track List

  1. Kevin Vicali Song From Down The Hall
  2. Kevin Vicali Another Day, Another Time
  3. Kevin Vicali You Just Don't Know
  4. Kevin Vicali Achin' In My Heart
  5. Kevin Vicali Lost Or Going Home
  6. Kevin Vicali Rude Awakening
  7. Kevin Vicali Lover Now Alone
  8. Kevin Vicali More Than I Could See
  9. Kevin Vicali Letter To Michael Henchard
  10. Kevin Vicali Old Richard
  11. Kevin Vicali Letter To My Big Brother
  12. Kevin Vicali All My Love (Demo)
  13. Kevin Vicali The New Shadow Show (Demo)
  14. Kevin Vicali Another Day, Another Time (Demo)
  15. Kevin Vicali You Just Don't Know (Demo)
  16. Kevin Vicali Lover Now Alone (Demo)
  17. Kevin Vicali More Than I Could See (Demo)
  18. Kevin Vicali Old Richard (Finished Version)