Album cover

Larry Bright

New Dimensions

Having spent the majority of his career in the world of jazz fusion backing up the likes of Sun Ra and Ahmad Jamal, Larry Bright climbed out from behind the kit on his sophomore solo album New Dimensions. Self-released in 1987, the eight-song LP finds Bright experimenting with spaced out synths, pop song structures, and drum machine-led electro-funk beat, pushing the boundaries of nu-jazz to the absolute edge. Accompanied by guitarist John Grant, bassists Tony Bunn and Mark Easley, and dueling trumpeters Jimmy Wilson and Ivan Smart, the resulting album reads like a score to an afro-futurist sci-fi film. Float out into deep space and let Larry Bright’s smooth jazz-terpiece greet you like a warm wind hitting a docking bay in a far off galaxy.

Track List

  1. Larry Bright Heat
  2. Larry Bright Sunbeam
  3. Larry Bright Spirit
  4. Larry Bright Sonic Image
  5. Larry Bright Majestic
  6. Larry Bright Generations
  7. Larry Bright Realities
  8. Larry Bright New Dimensions