Album cover

Larry Lewis

African By-Pass

A violin prodigy that hitchhiked across the world throughout the ’60s, Larry Lewis hatched a plan to upgrade his life in 1983. A scheme was cooked up to purchase and redistribute a couple pounds of grass, the proceeds of which were plowed into a Portastudio and a few Roland drum machines. The resulting album African By-Pass reflects his travels across Africa and the many ring roads he’d encountered, figuratively and literally. A run of 100 copies were dubbed on a yard sale-scavenged tape duplicator, with copies distributed to friends and local shops in Vancouver. This breezy mishmash is an unassuming, addictive charmer, stony without the spaciness—a vibe.

Track List

  1. Larry Lewis O So Wet
  2. Larry Lewis Miriam
  3. Larry Lewis Blaylock Dance
  4. Larry Lewis Shoo-Cat
  5. Larry Lewis No Early Birds
  6. Larry Lewis Salsa Verde
  7. Larry Lewis Flu Song
  8. Larry Lewis Loch Lomond