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Lee Alfred

Rockin - Poppin Full Tilting

Lee Alfred’s “Rockin' - Poppin' Full Tilting” is the forgotten dance floor filler of your dreams. Or rather, Alfred’s dreams. Music surrounded Alfred in his sleep, inspiring him to translate those dreams and make them a part of his reality. Assembling a local ensemble of St. Louis talent, including the likes of David D. and James Thompson, Alfred booked time at Earth City Studios and released music through his very own Cancer Records in an attempt to immortalize those sonic visions that felt so fleeting. “Rockin’ - Poppin’ Full Tilting” was Alfred’s inaugural incantation that narrativized a playful journey from a living room couch to a humid dance floor where all your loneliness and frustrations could melt away.

Track List

  1. Lee Alfred Rockin Poppin Full-Tilting (Long)
  2. Lee Alfred Rockin Poppin Full-Tilting (Part I)
  3. Lee Alfred Rockin Poppin Full-Tilting (Part II)