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Les Kangas Presents

Somewhere Down The Line

In 1950, writer, musician and Paul Bunyan enthusiast Les Kangas made the move from his home state of Michigan to California to pursue a career in music. After a false start with the country-gospel imprint Aggie, Kangas got on a roll when he issued “Koo-Koo The Kangaroo” on his own Kangaroo imprint in 1959. The country cousin to Ross Bagdasarian's Chipmunks, Les rode the novelty song all the way to a Grand Ole Opry performance. Now connected to the proper country music business, he penned and sold “Mental Cruelty” to Buck Owens in 1961, who promptly took the song to Billboard's country Top 20 that summer. Somewhere Down The Line gathers the best country, rockabilly, and other hit-worthy recordings written, published or released by Kangas as he tilled rich west coast soil.

Track List

  1. Dave Steward Livin’ On Easy Street
  2. Larry and Dixie Davis Mental Cruelty
  3. George C. Partin Hey Bartender
  4. Al Barkle The Signal
  5. Glenn Snow I Wonder What The Future Holds For Me
  6. Glen Brookshire Searchin’ For Contentment
  7. Dave Steward Devil’s Dream
  8. Al Jacobson Moneymoon
  9. Nelson Sisters Ebony Eyes
  10. Floro Brothers Tomorrow (Is Gonna Be Me Without You)
  11. Dude Standphill Left Alone Blues
  12. Wayne Scott No More Woman
  13. Jeanie Greene The Doggone Machine
  14. Shelley Duncan Somewhere Down The Line
  15. Les Kangas Back To The Salt Mine