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The Soul Duo

Like My Baby Do [EP]

A brief superhero team-up by Shiptown’s Noah Biggs, The Soul Duo consisted of Tidewater talent show queen Ida Sands and veteran R&B shouter Joe Webster from The Anglos doing their best Otis & Carla. Their June 1969 debut paired the Biggs-Sands-Webster original “This Is Your Day” with a loose and funky take on Freddie Scott’s 1966 Bert Berns-penned smash “Are You Lonely For Me.” Jerry Blaine’s Manhattan-based Josie Records gave it a perfunctory national release, but the record barely made it out of the promo department. Their sophomore release ended up as a series of lasts. Almost an anti-Christmas song, “Just A Sad Xmas” didn’t exactly evoke the festive spirit of the season, marking instead a fitting end for the short-lived twosome.

Track List

  1. The Soul Duo Are You Lonely For Me Baby
  2. The Soul Duo This Is Your Day
  3. The Soul Duo Can't Nobody Love Me (Like My Baby Do)
  4. The Soul Duo Just A Sad Xmas