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The Hated

Like The Days

After solidifying their post-hardcore sound on 1986’s What Was Behind, the Hated booked time at D.C,. punk institution Inner Ear and gave legendary producer Don Zientara a chance to capture their feedback-drenched chaos. “You wanted to play your best in such a space,” Dan Littleton said. “But we couldn’t really think about it too much really. There wasn’t time! We were super focused and everything came together quickly without any problems, nothing broke this time. Don got where we were coming from and it was awesome to get the chance to work with him.” Issued on Vermin Scum in early 1988, Like The Days was available on the awkward double 7” format, but only briefly: most of the pressing melted in the southwest heat during the band’s only west coast tour. Still, the Hated’s ferocity could not be stifled. Like The Days’ four songs are a road map for where the Hated and their heart-on-the-sleeve brand of punk would go next—an emo blueprint to be studied, digested, and regurgitated by countless others in the coming decade.

Track List

  1. The Hated Underground
  2. The Hated Not Mine
  3. The Hated Damned Heart
  4. The Hated Psalm