Album cover

Lord Rhaburn

Disco Reconnection

The first in the Numero Disco series of 12"s features two of the most dance-friendly cuts on Belize City Boil Up, plus a pair of re-edits by Earwig. This limited issue comes in a spiffy era-specific sleeve for easy crate pulls.

Dating back to the summer of 2006, and housed in a dead-stock, Belizean CES jacket, an earlier pressing was the very first Numero release on vinyl. At that time, our fledgling label had only nine CDs under our belts, and we were unsure of the viability of releasing things on the virgin format (oh how times have changed!). After fielding many fan requests for vinyl releases, a run of 100 copies (with no test pressings) were produced.

Track List

  1. Lord Rhaburn Disco Connection
  2. The Performers Guajida
  3. Shoes [2] Guajida (Re-Edit)
  4. Shoes [2] Disco Connection (Re-Edit)