Album cover

Mark and Suzann Farmer

We've Been There

Mark and Suzann Farmer recorded their lone LP—We’ve Been There—on a Teac four-track in the living room of their dilapidated home outside of Yakima, Washington. The year was 1978, and the couple were paying their $85-a-month mortgage gigging at Crossroads, the local lounge. Half covers and half striking originals, the album owes its private grail reputation almost entirely to its ghostly cover version of Fleetwood Mac’s then-recent smash “Dreams.” But the whole record has an otherworldly feel, with endlessly reverbed vocals and junk shop drum machine beats carried on a faint AM radio signal from three counties over. The two eventually divorced, bringing retrospective pathos to their broken home anthem, “American Child.”

Track List

  1. Mark & Suzann Farmer I'm Not Lisa
  2. Mark & Suzann Farmer American Child
  3. Mark & Suzann Farmer Dreams
  4. Mark & Suzann Farmer We've Been There
  5. Mark & Suzann Farmer Waiting For The Dawn
  6. Mark & Suzann Farmer You Light Up My Life
  7. Mark & Suzann Farmer I'll Remind You (Who You Are)
  8. Mark & Suzann Farmer Why Me