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1993. The kids were on a hunt for a new sound and got hooked on a strain of emotional hardcore percolating up from Goleta and San Diego. In Oakland it was Indian Summer. Olympia birthed Unwound. Cupertino had Mohinder.

Just months after their debut 7” set the Bay Area underground scene on fire, a slimmed-down Mohinder returned with three blistering tracks in March 1994. The Nitwits were an equally as short-lived snot-pop-punk band from the Almaden Valley, and halved the red vinyl single. The two bands piled into Bart Thurber’s House of Faith at the tail end of his mythic run and completely rewrote the rules of a split 7”. Mohinder’s four minutes contained a Bill Clinton sample, way too much piccolo snare, brutal guitar crunch, and Mohinder’s signature music-between-the-music. A micro-symphony for the post-hardcore set.

Track List

  1. Mohinder Number One
  2. Mohinder Imbalance
  3. Mohinder Itch