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The Mission

1993. The kids were on a hunt for a new sound and got hooked on a strain of emotional hardcore percolating up from Goleta and San Diego. In Oakland it was Indian Summer. Olympia birthed Unwound. Cupertino had Mohinder.

For twelve brief months Mohinder destroyed a combined total of 1000 minds with their eight-minute chaos blast masquerading as a live show. After a soul-destroying San Diego set in the spring of 1994, the trio of James Fuhring, Albert Menduno, and Clay Parton connected with Gravity Records’ Matt Anderson and tracked this eight-song 7” LP in an extended evening session. Dubbed “The Mission,” the final Mohinder record deals in conspiracy theories, revolution, cults, and the knowledge that they were breaking up as the songs were being mixed.

Track List

  1. Mohinder The Mission
  2. Mohinder Alien
  3. Mohinder Division
  4. Mohinder Acceptance
  5. Mohinder The Static Cult
  6. Mohinder Beautify
  7. Mohinder One Warrior
  8. Mohinder Expiration