Album cover

Naomi Lewis

Seagulls and Sunflowers

1976’s Seagulls and Sunflowers is Naomi Lewis’ second album of twelve original songs recorded in Provo, Utah. Financed with a loan from her grandparents, Lewis’ aim was to have complete control over the album. She chose the studio, wrote the arrangements, accepted the recordings and chose where the record was pressed. “People were amazing, they took my basic tracks, added their tracks, and did it out of sheer creativity,” Lewis said. “To watch these songs grow from guitar-vocal into songs with bassoon or flute or strings, it just added a whole world.”Acclaimed by genre fans as one of the most perfect examples of 1970s private folk, Seagulls Sunflowers is Naomi’s masterwork.

Track List

  1. Naomi Lewis A Song Is Born
  2. Naomi Lewis Tupa, Tupa, Tupa
  3. Naomi Lewis Dusty Painting
  4. Naomi Lewis Love Song
  5. Naomi Lewis There Will Be Music
  6. Naomi Lewis Seagulls And Sunflowers
  7. Naomi Lewis More Beautiful
  8. Naomi Lewis My Song For You
  9. Naomi Lewis Rock Me
  10. Naomi Lewis Song Coming On
  11. Naomi Lewis Osprey Fly
  12. Naomi Lewis Images Of You