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New Colony Six


In 1964, a sextet of teenagers set out to bring the British Invasion to Chicago, establishing their own “Colony” on the northwest side in the city’s Belmont-Cragin neighborhood. “From that goal and the fact that England called America the new Colonies, we selected the moniker, New Colony Six,” said lead singer Ray Graffia. After a year of relentless gigging through the suburbs, the NC6 released their first single, “I Confess,” on their own Centar imprint which was collectively funded by the bandmates’ parents.

The up-and-coming group caught the attention of Peter Wright, a Chicago music industry titan who is most known for his Twinight Records label. Wright stepped in to manage the group and pushed “I Confess,” on the airwaves earning it a spot on the Billboard Hot 100. To capitalize on the single’s success, the NC6 rushed into Sound Studios to record a full-length follow up. A self-produced affair, Breakthrough adheres to the band’s original mission and draws heavily from British rock conventions implementing swaths of Farfisa organ, Lesley-fied guitar, and small doses of psychedelic influence.

Track List

  1. The New Colony Six I Confess
  2. The New Colony Six A Heart Is Made Of Made Of Many Things
  3. The New Colony Six Don't You Think It's Time You Stopped Your Cryin'
  4. The New Colony Six Last Nite
  5. The New Colony Six I And You
  6. The New Colony Six At The River's Edge
  7. The New Colony Six I Lie Awake
  8. The New Colony Six Dawn Is Breaking
  9. The New Colony Six The Time Of The Year Is Sunset
  10. The New Colony Six Mister You're A Better Man Than I
  11. The New Colony Six Some People Think I'm A Playboy
  12. The New Colony Six Sloopy