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Ljubimo / Let Us Love

Five nuns, two sisters, and a dream. Xian psych enthusiasts keep moving, Nun-Plus’ lone album is Catholic exotica for the peace-nik generation. Pizzicato guitar, rollicking nylon-string rhythms, church basement percussion, and a heavenly chorus go off-script for 12 songs, delivering odes to the moon, Los Angeles, and Croatia. A truly unique slice of 1960s Americana, recorded in Seattle by a group of women from Oregon and issued on a Canadian label in 1970. Jesus and Mary would approve. 

Track List

  1. Nun- Plus Ljubimo
  2. Nun- Plus The Man In Matthew
  3. Nun- Plus Maura Jean
  4. Nun- Plus St. Ives
  5. Nun- Plus Good Old Family Get-Together
  6. Nun- Plus Listen To Your People
  7. Nun- Plus Walk About The Craters Of The Moon
  8. Nun- Plus Los Angeles
  9. Nun- Plus Dapple Gray
  10. Nun- Plus What Is The Meaning?
  11. Nun- Plus Dapple Gray
  12. Nun- Plus I'll Be There
  13. Nun- Plus To Lynne