Album cover

Everyone Asked About You

Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts

Penned between heated sessions of MarioKart64 and Goldeneye, Little Rock high school quartet Everyone Asked About You developed their own take of the emo sound that was sweeping the midwest in the late-‘90s. Built around the twin guitar attack of Chris Sheppard and Collins Kilgore, the band was held together by drummer Lee Buford’s pulverizing drums and dusted with Hannah Vogan’s twee-adjacent vocals. Channeling Rainer Maria’s earnestness, the Promise Ring’s knack for melody, and the Rentals’ penchant for synth, the band tracked their four-song debut in 1997 and self-released on their own Landmark label. This home-made single is an important missing link in emo’s DIY beginnings, and if there’s any justice in this world Everyone Asked About You will find their place in the annals of the genre’s midwestern cousin.