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Just Another Day

Before their worldwide debut on W2NG, Phillips was a complete and utter mystery. Just Another Day was nothing more than a single tape on a shelf with hundreds of other tapes, patiently decomposing under the weight of time and neglect. A tale we at Numero know all too well, especially when it comes to the outputs of producers as prolific as R. Hosea Williams. Narrowly escaping obscurity - including from William’s himself - Phillips was funkin' around D.C. in the late ’70s, and one way or another wound up in R.G.B. studios. The group covered massive ground on their six-track EP, touching on everything from feel-good disco, to funky fusion, to modern soul, and back again, recovered from countless tapes to offer its sunshine rays once more.

Track List

  1. Phillips Cool Breeze
  2. Phillips Brand New Day
  3. Phillips Here I Am
  4. Phillips You and Me, Me and You
  5. Phillips Just Another Day
  6. Phillips People Clap Your Hands