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A Lovely Sight

1969’s A Lovely Sight, Pisces’ only attempt at an LP, never made wax in its day; but the fuzz guitar phrases and tambourine shuffle of “Dear One” instantly illustrate the band's woozy realm. Deeper inside, bass scales borrowed from Sgt. Pepper give way to Who moves wrecked by bad fidelity and harsh intrusions of found sounds. Jefferson Airplane’s swirled, lysergic Haight Street utopia melds with the urban narcosis of the Velvet Underground's East Village.

But Pisces hailed from another ghost town altogether: Rockford, Illinois, where rusted, endless plains bear close resemblance to a bummer acid trip or a junkie’s rock bottom. In 1969, the industrial Midwest was hurting for the hard stuff, but what it got was plenty of the White Album—enough to have Jim Krein, Paul DiVenti, and Linda Bruner recording through a glass onion all their own. The unsettling balance of their unissued LP combines homespun psychedelic vision and secondhand studio trickery with naive readings of the rock sound of the day, resulting in a diverse, haunted rock headspace few coastal bands ever flew through, let alone over.

*Physical does not contain "A Flower For All Seasons" or "The Summer The Grape Grows" (Streaming and Download only)


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    1 150g LP
    1 tip-on single LP jacket

Track List

  1. Pisces Dear One
  2. Pisces Children Kiss Your Mother Goodnight
  3. Pisces Motley Mary Ann
  4. Pisces Say Goodbye To John
  5. Pisces Mary
  6. Pisces Genesis II
  7. Pisces Sam
  8. Pisces The Music Box
  9. Pisces Like A Hole In The Wall Where The Rat Lives
  10. Pisces Are You Changing In Your Time
  11. Pisces In The Dreams Of Paula
  12. Pisces Elephant Eyes
  13. Pisces Circle Of Time
  14. Pisces A Flower For All Seasons
  15. Pisces In The Summer The Grape Grows